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Feeling Sporty?

Sports and activities in Slovenia

There is a huge range of activities to enjoy in Slovenia – its water sports are second to none and enjoying the scenery on foot, on a bike or on horseback is a delight.

Or go for a thrilling ride on the steam train – and what about seeing  bears really close up….?

Canoeing & Rafting

Canoes are ideal for paddling down Slovenia’s quieter rivers and for pottering around on the beautiful lakes. Canoeing along the river Ljubljanica through Ljubljana itself is very popular. Canoes are also available for hire on many of the lakes in Slovenia and many local operators offer inflatable mini-rafts for rent so you can meander down the stunning river scenery.

Slovenia’s rivers offer exciting yet safe rafting adventures. The most suitable river for rafting is the Soča, a clear, blue–green river flowing through a beautiful valley. There are areas of white water on the river to add to the excitement. Rafting centres will provide all the necessary equipment and arrange transport back to the starting point, all with an experienced guide.

Other water sports, some more extreme, are available for those interested.


Slovenia is a wonderful place to explore on a bike – and this is probably the very best way to see some of the most scenic areas. Bled and Bohinj are especially good places to cycle and there are several biking trails around the Triglav National Park where there are well-signposted biking tours and trails. The Slovenia Green cycling routes link beautiful nature, cultural and historical heritage and delicious local cuisine, you will get to know Slovenia in the most sustainable way. In addition to cycling through Slovenia’s natural landscapes, you can also explore Slovenian cities on two wheels. The capital city of Ljubljana is ranked among the most cyclist-friendly cities in the world and has more than 230 km of marked cycling routes. You can even enjoy a unique Moustache Tour around the city, involving very special guides. Another great option for bicycle exploration is Maribor, especially its Old Vine Route, which takes cyclists from the oldest grapevine in the world in the city centre to the nearby vineyards.


Slovenia has an abundance of pure springs, lakes and rivers that are teeming with life, a paradise for anglers. The clear waters are home to several species of freshwater fish. Sport fisherman will be most interested in the marble trout, river trout, Danube salmon and carp. If you add to this relaxing by the rapids, deep pools, wild gorges and landscapes that surround the rivers and lakes, then you know you are in fishing heaven. The main rivers for fishing are the Soča, the Krka, the Kolpa, the Sava Bohinjka near Bohinj and the Unica in Notranjska. Locals will advise you about the best places to fish, but fishing is not cheap in Slovenia, a permit at the more popular rivers can be expensive, catch and release permits are cheaper. Short-term fishing permits can be purchased at local tourist information offices.


There are several golf courses in Slovenia but the best are in Bled. This is the oldest course in Slovenia in a stunning landscape. You can choose between the 18-hole King’s Course and the 9-hole Lake Course – both are a good challenge for golfers of all handicaps. Club hire and buggies are available as well as caddies if you wish.


Horses and riding have centuries of tradition in Slovenia, thanks to the Lipica Stud Farm, home of the world-famous Lipizzaners – this is well worth a visit. There are lots of opportunities to ride in Slovenia – one of the best is at Pristava Lepena – near to Lipica. You can also ride in the landscape parks and in Triglav National Park. We can give you more detailed advice. Pristava Lepena.


For the more adventurous visitors Slovenia offers some exciting opportunities to enjoy racing down rivers and rapids – particularly the legendary Soca river. Centres where kayaks and other equipment are available for hire will also provide an experienced guide to guarantee your safety. A guide is recommended even on Slovenia’s quieter rivers. We can give you details of the Kayaking centres.

Lipica Stud Farm

The town of Lipica with the famous Lipizzaner stud farm is one of the oldest stud farms in Europe, where the same breed of horse has been bred for over 440 years. There is a lot to do on the estate: you can visit the oldest stable, where all the classic Lipizzaner lines are represented; Visit the Lipizzaner Museum and the Carriage Museum, take a stroll through the landscape of pastures, avenues and parks and get to know the peculiarities of Lipica and the Karst. You can visit the Lipizzaner horses with a guide who will explain all the special features of Lipica and the Lipizzaner horses. You also have the opportunity to explore the stud farm on your own.

Visit the official training of the Lipizzaners, which takes place with musical accompaniment and generally understandable commentary in the riding hall of the stud farm. You can experience the demanding figures that the Lipizzaner horses learn during their training during the performances of the classic riding school. The 45-minute performance is really worth seeing! Check the schedule of trainings and performances before your visit.

Walking & Hiking

Just walking around Slovenia is a joy in itself. The choice of trails is remarkable – from easier short walks along the valleys and foothills, to highly challenging protected trails in the high mountains, where you can enjoy views of the Alpine peaks. There is something for everyone so it is no surprise that walking and hiking are so popular. Slovenia covers an area of more than 20,000 square kilometres and has almost 10,000 kilometres of marked hiking trails, covering 70 percent of Slovenian land. The landscape stretches from the coastal region over the karst edge to the moderately high mountain region and high mountain region to an altitude of 2,864 metres, which is the height of Mt. Triglav, Slovenia’s tallest mountain.