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Useful Information

Business opening hours

As a general guide you can expect the following:

  • Banks: 8am/8:30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday – often with a lunch time break. Some may open Saturday morning 8am – noon/1pm.
  • Shops/Supermarkets: 8am – 7pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am – 1pm on Saturday, although in some areas many retailers stay open for much longer. (Some shops close between 12 noon and 1pm).
  • Some branches of the Mercator supermarket may open on Sunday mornings.
  • Post offices: 8am – 6pm/7pm Monday to Friday, and 8am – 1pm on Saturday.

Credit cards and currency

The euro is the legal tender in Slovenia and you’ll find ATM machines widely available. You’ll be able to withdraw euros with cards featuring the Visa or MasterCard networks. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc) are widely accepted at hotels, car rental companies, shops, restaurants and petrol stations.


You will need a round European two-pin plug adapter for any electrical appliances you take with you and the voltage is 230v/50Hz.

How to get to Slovenia

We can offer flights with the following airlines as part of a package holiday to Slovenia

EasyJet from London Gatwick (scheduled flight)
Frequency depends on month of travel but as a general guide currently:
Up to 6 times per week between April – September (not Saturday)
Up to 5 times per week October, December, February and March (not Tuesday, Wednesday)
Reducing to twice a week November and January

British Airways from London Heathrow (scheduled flight)
Again, frequency varies from month to month but as a general guide:
Up to 4 times per week between November – April
Up to 6 times per week between May – October

NB: Timings can also vary from day to day, so when we create your itinerary we aim to choose the best days/times to suit your needs.

Tax and tipping

Value added tax is added to most goods and services at a standard rate of 20%.  Most restaurants add 10% service charge, but it’s worth checking if this has been included or not.  Taxi fares can just be rounded up.

Tourist tax

If your holiday includes a stay at a tourist farm you may be asked to pay a local tourist tax of approx. 2 -3 euros per person per day.

Time difference

Slovenia is +1 hour ahead of UK time year round. Daylight saving is observed on the same dates as in the UK.


  • The northwest has an alpine climate; moderately warm temperatures in summer with cold winters, sometimes struggling to rise above zero.
  • Ljubljana, along with the lowlands and most of eastern Slovenia, has the more extreme continental climate, usually experiencing hot summers and cold winters with night temperatures well below zero.
  • The coast, inland from the coast, and the area bordering Italy up as far as the Soca Valley, has a Mediterranean climate – warm and sunny with mild winters.  Occasionally, the Burja, a cold dry wind, blows into this region.